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I Am Thankful

Piglet's Thankful Heart

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, the new pastor, Matt Poole, at our neighborhood church, First Free Methodist Church in Seattle, issued us a "gratitude challenge" this week. He said one would be easy and one would be a little harder. First he asked us to write a list of 10 things for which we are thankful. No problem.

1) Family

2) Job

3) Church (First Free Methodist Church)

4) Samaritans (my adult Sunday School class at church)

5) Home

6) Sewing

7) Vehicle (I do love my 6 year old Ford Flex-130,000 miles and still going strong!)

8) Macey (my Airedale)

9) Food (It is Thanksgiving after all)

10) Music

Then he asked us to add one thing to the list each day. No problem.