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The first sentence of the term paper.

"Here I stand at the crossroads of life

This way or that way?

Oh, which way should I go?

To the left or the right?

To the day or the night?

To the wrong or the right?

Only my heart will know!"

There is a keep reading!

Why is the first sentence of the term paper the hardest? I've been working on this website for...for...well, it seems like forever. I've had all kinds of great ideas, but I just can't settle on the home page. It's the welcome mat of the website. It's like writing the thesis statement for your term paper.

This version of the homepage will be up only until Quilt Market ends on Oct. 29th. The little ditty runs through my head whenever I can't make a seemingly simple decision. Does anybody know where I got it? One's not a contemporary artist or movie. This one dates back to the late 60's. There's a prize for the first guess who can say what movie, year and artist (or character) sang this song. Use the "Contact" tab. Remember, I am going to Quilt Market next week and there will be something wonderful coming home with me.

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