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MELISSA MCGILL has been a wholesale rep in the textile industry for more than 30 years. Always sharing fresh new ways to use the collections she sells, her customers encouraged her to produce a pattern line with her ideas!

"Being Creative With Impact"


About Me

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Melissa The Founder of Needle Pulling Thread
  • I believe we can all be kind. And that we all have impact.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to be creative & impact my friends in Kampala Uganda.

Over the many years of traveling with Terry, my husband, to work with schools in Uganda, East Africa, I have been able to bring the most amazing, unique fabrics back.  Needle Pulling Thread is my way to share stories & treasures from Uganda, East Africa at quilt shows & venues around the area.  Check out our events page to see where NPT will pop up next.  And read about the adventure in the "Story Behind The Fabric"

  • I love color.

  • I love texture.

  • I love fabric. 

Okay, it’s an addiction.  And it’s inherited.  My mother has it.  I dare say my daughter has it too.

Not long ago I figured out that it’s not the act of sewing the fabric that makes me happy.  It’s truly just the fabric.  And I’m okay with that.  I’m a collector and sometimes I cherish a piece of fabric so much that I wouldn’t dream of cutting it. 

  • I love slip stitching.  So, I love binding a quilt by hand.  And I love Dresden Plates.

  • I have very traditional training.  I have a degree in Home Economics and in Business.  Yes, it was called Home Economics back then and it wasn’t about getting married.  It was very technical and hard. 

  • I like to press.  With steam.  So my work is flat and I almost always press my seams open.  I trim.  Less bulk.  That’s the formal tailoring training in me.

  • I love to hand bead and embellish on my pieces.

  • And I love Airedales.  Well, I love dogs – but I especially love Airedales!


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